“Barely a day goes by in the UK without someone mentioning one war or another, so Sky History asked me, with the help of some of the country’s friends – who used to be our enemies – to take a look at the trail of victory and defeat that leads us to the present day,” says Al Murray

History has shown, there is no hero without an antagonist, the same way there is always more than one side to a story. Very wisely, Murray will use this duality to explore Britain’s history through its relations with different military adversaries: France, Germany, Romans, Vikings, America and Scotland.

Murray, together with his alter ego The Pub Landlord, is determined to uncover the truth behind Britain’s military past. In a new series Why Do Brits Win Every War?, premiering this October, Murray promises to deliver an insight into the British psyche to understand whether Brits are helped or hindered by their experiences in war.

Along the way Murray is accompanied by different personalities, exploring myths in different times in history. Dr. Janina Ramírez and actor and comedian John Thomson join him to discuss the Vikings, while German comedian Henning Wehn will join Murray for the Germany episode. 

“this country is currently undefeated World War Champions of the World, fighting at all Weights,” said The Pub Landlord. “We have a proud track record of defeating all comers, why we even had a war against the French that lasted One Hundred Years, the Hundred Years’ War, and the reason it lasted a century is we were enjoying winning it so much we spun it out for the full ton.”

Few historians would agree though as France is widely acknowledged as the victor of the Hundred Years War. It seems Murray’s lager fuelled ultra-Anglo-ego, is the perfect foil to cut through the misconceptions to expose some home truths… 

Why do the Brits Win Every War airs on Sky History at 9pm on Wednesdays

Image top: The Pub Landlord takes on the world, flag in hand (image Sky History)

Mariana Holguin

Mariana Holguín Madero is Arts editor of Culturall and an art historian specialising in the production of art exhibitions, collection management and art market analysis. She has worked for a number of global art funds as well as the National Museum of Arts in Mexico City.