Screenshots from Limna’s interface..

As someone who is thinking of starting an art collection, how many times have you stood outside a gallery, picked through the window and chosen not to enter because even when you have the means, maybe you don’t have the whole information to make an informed acquisition?

Limna is the world’s first AI-powered art advisor, making it easier for anyone to confidently buy art, connecting buyers with artists and their galleries around the world. Using machine learning, Limna analyses millions of art world data points in seconds to give users precise valuation details about the art that inspires them. 

Art inside a gallery could seem too frightening or distant. Apart from that “first impression feeling” that seems to stay with us, someone who is just starting to build a collection needs more than that to make the plunge and buy the artwork. Limna is the perfect tool that helps you translate that “feeling” into tangible – and valuable – information. 

Limna specialises in original and unique paintings and photography, with a particular focus on living artists’ work in order to continue to support the interconnected visual arts community. With a database of more than 700,000 artists tracked across over 1,000,000 exhibitions from 1863 to present day, from c.45,000 institutions including galleries, museums, non-profits and art fairs, Limna can deliver instant insights to the customer validating prices, indicating artist’s career trends, and broader art-insider intelligence which it classes as ‘momentum’, ‘cultural recognition’, and ‘global presence’.

All the information provided by Limna, already exists, either scattered in archives, the internet or hundreds of databases, but what is the most exciting about the app is how the system reads this information and translates it into helpful information that the client can use to negotiate with galleries. In this sense, I am the most excited to see how galleries and collectors will interact with one another with Limna as a tool that could seem to privilege collectors over gallerists.

“[the app] looks to boost both artists’ and galleries’ exposure and sales, in a time when they need it most after a devastating year to the arts,” says Limna’s co-founder Marek Claassen.

I see a future where the art world democratises their prices, and Limna has us heading starting on the right foot.

Mariana Holguin

Mariana Holguín Madero is Arts editor of Culturall and an art historian specialising in the production of art exhibitions, collection management and art market analysis. She has worked for a number of global art funds as well as the National Museum of Arts in Mexico City.